Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week 3 - Web Creation

Evaluate 2 websites & List their addresses.

I actually evaluated the following three websites,, and Once you click on the link you just can’t help but run through it.

What criteria did you use to evaluate?
I used the Kirk's list of criteria to evaluate the websites.

Will you be more critical of websites you look at in the future with regards to the information they contain?
I think I will be more critical to website that matter most to be or that I need to spend some time using, but other websites I probably will subconsciously I will be asking myself different question wondering why

How will this information apply to your website project you will be creating?
I have the upper hand because I know the basics to create a good website. I just have to follow the rules.

Create a an outline or flowchart to lay out what information you will include on your website. Each main item will be detailed on its on page. The navigation design should be made with the intention of allowing the viewer to flow through your website with ease and should represent the sites personality whether it is business, casual, or technical. Adding either internal, connect to another part of your site or external, connects to someone else’s sites links is common but should be used sporadically to avoid overwhelming the viewer. Frames are another form of navigating through a website but appears to be frowned on. I would have to say autobiography websites are a great place to for frames. Links should only be used when worthwhile, not just because, and should be tested to confirm they work. It mentions reading text on the monitor is more tedious than reading it on a page. I believe this is true. I often find myself wasting ink printing stuff out to avoid looking at the monitor. It’s something about the screen that makes all the words merge together. All information listed was of great use.

Chapter 8 advised on numerous pointers on what a good and bad website looks like. Everything put in a website should be taken into consideration as to what the viewer will see. Font size, style, and color are very important. A website with the font in all caps, color without enough contrast, and line breaks are not acceptable. Working links, roaming frames, and not enough space can through the entire website off. Page size of 800x600 pixels, repetition, and appeal are very important.

It’s truly interesting to see the various ways websites are set up. I would think before actually launching ones website they would do several test runs and get some opinions before the targeted viewers have the chance to see it.

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