Sunday, June 7, 2009

Personal HMTL website - Week 5

The title of my web page is Yalonda's Breast Cancer Journey. The title bascially explains the content. It summeries her journey with breast cancer. The majority of my images are from personal family archives. Most of which had to be scanned and a few were taken from my digital camera. One image was taken from's Web Clip Art, I have to admit this was not an easy task choosing archived pictures to use for my website. I will be using front page as my HTML editor.

Concept Paper Questions:

The information I am trying to communicate through my website is my mothers journey with breast cancer. Like most it was unexpected. A big surprise! She adapted to the situation, did not complain, and made the best of her situation. She put he faith in God.
And he was her rock.

I would just like my website to look nice. Not fancy but nice. Something I can potentially build on later.

My text will include information on my mother before the cancer showed it’s ugly head, treatment for the cancer, and her life afterwards.

The link’s I will be including in my website are information links regarding the flow of detection, treatment, general information, and how to be active in the cause.

My pictures include images of my mother before and after cancer.

My color scheme will play on the breast cancer theme. Pink and white with some black.

My inspiration is my mother. She is my hero. Watching her go through all she did with out any complains was inspiring. She is a strong woman. I pray If I ever have to endure all she has that I can be that strong. I love my mother and this is one way I can show her that she is always in my heart and mind.

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