Sunday, June 7, 2009

Please stop with the Resolution!

To begin I believe it is not a good idea to attach a photo without making changes. The picture should be cropped cutting out unnecessary background images creating a better looking picture. The picture should be more than likely saved as a JPEG file for a smaller size and better quality. Getting the correct monitor resolution matters because it effect’s the way images are viewed. Setting the picture to minimal 72 ppi makes the picture look better. Size and Compression assist in determining the speed of download time.
First, I have to admit this reading took a lot out of me. The more I read the more things rambled on. It felt like a read the same thing over and over. Maybe because I was a little tired but it seemed like reading about resolution and pixel sizes was none stop but scanners was just enough.
Reading about how scanners actually work was something I would have never done if it had not been for this class. It's like I know how to scan and that's all I need to know. The mechanics behind it just doesn't matter, but if I were a person into inventions the material would be of great value. I started thinking about what I could do to invent a new and improved scanner but then I had to focus.
Web images you have to consider that everyone does not have a big monitor, therefore using a lower resolution (i.e. 640x480 or 800x600 pixels for the average 14 inch monitor) would be best. For some reason I think I’m getting this mixed up but time will tell. The bigger the picture the longer it takes for PC to download it.
Images for the web can be tricky. You have to know what to do and what not to do. Saving in the correct format such as JPEG, files sizing and resolution are big factors between viewing good and bad images. I touched on colors and in week ones blog.
To sum it up readability vs legibility are also big key players on the web. Creating a masterpiece is fulfilling but having the word view that masterpiece through your eyes mean limits. You have to remember everyone doesn’t share the same fonts, sizes, and styles.
Working with Photoshop element software is something I look forward to doing more of. There are so many fetchers I only thought professional photographers could offer. I’m exited, in my down time, I’ll actually be able to sit down and create some unique photo’s to build albums for my family.

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  1. Yea girl I feel u on this one! The reading this week was no joke! I hope I can keep up..way more technical that I had imagined. See ya later!