Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Reflection - Week 1 Assignment

The following questions must be answered to complete
What did you learn about graphic design and how does graphic design play a role in our daily lives and activities in both the print and web?
I learned that both graphic design and print are big businesses and can be time consuming. Both are created to grab, draw, and hold the attention of the viewer. Every print and page is created for a purpose and not just for show. Both are everywhere and interacts with us in everything we do from cooking instructions, to academics, to games.
What is your understanding of designing for the web vs designing for print.
My understanding of designing for the web vs designing for print is based on need, taste, and budget. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.
Designing for the web is considered easier and cost effective. Web allows the use of millions of colors through RGB color scheme. Changes can be done at any time and any place. The cost is very inexpensive and the space in unlimited.
Once the final piece is viewed it could possibly be seen different than how the designer designed it.
Designing for print is considered hard, not location friendly, and expensive. Print allowed limited options for color using the CMYK color scheme. The available space for design is limited. Your final design must be 150% perfect before print. If not the cost to re-work and reprint is costly. After print is the distribution. Once distributed that print cannot be returned for corrections. Any corrections require a reprint and re-distribution. Depending on the target group print may be the way to go. Everyone does not have a computer.

In the back of my mind while looking at advertisements I wondered what was the rhyme and reason behind it. While logging onto websites I wondered why pages took so long to load, or how much time was put into the page to make it look the way it did, and how I could make my own page.
I taught myself everything I know about computers. I knew the ‘logical’ meaning to the various computer terminologies, but after looking up the actual definition some things are slightly clearer. The one thing that stands out the most with the reading was how to exclude items during a web search.

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  1. I also enjoyed finding out why it takes so long for pages to load, their web designer should be fired! See you in a bit.