Sunday, June 7, 2009

Compare & Contrast Web Pages- Week 6

I'm finished with my web design project!!! It was a long week.

I spent three days in the hospital with my daugther. They thought it was her appendix. Thank God it was 'only' a injection. A big difference that why I said only. I come home to wake up the next morning to find out my father was in the hospital. he hadn't come home and now I get a phone call about his situation. So now I'm off to NY. He couldn't come back home with me but that was ok. My brothers and sisters are checking on him. No sleep no time to work but I did it. It's done!

There are several main differences in the creating a web page in Front page and Webnode. I found Front page allowed you to be freer in what you add to your page. I was able to create buttons and apply them as my own navigation bar and apply a photomontage.. Wednode basically has there own formats that for the most part must be followed. Wednode automatically links the pages as they are added, whereas Front page you manually had to link the pages. Front page requires tables to add images, whereas Webnode did not require me to add a table. Instead of having three pictures side by side on my homepage I had to use one as an icon on the page. I was stuck with limited font size.

Comparing the two they both revealed the same effect. I can continue to make changes and add to my website on both applications. I believe my mother would come to tears if she saw her page. I also believe I will take the time to add more to her website. After all is it out there for all to see.

As long as you know what you are doing either software would serve great in accomplishing some ones final goal. It did mines. Preferably, I enjoyed and felt in control using Front page.

My webpage is

I am thank-full I do not have to turn in the paperwork on my webpages. I wrote all over the page I would of had to choice but to redone my sketches. That's a lot of work to do.

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